2100 Sunday Night Dispatch September 15 2019

A Harvey Marine Base

1 6 man Gang Brother Jimmy B will hire.

A Harvey salt Pile 

1 Excavator man Standby Brother Matthew McGrath will hire at Pier 14.

MI Swaco 

1 FL Operator with Respirator training Brother Jerry Lamkin will hire at Pier 17

Have a safe shift!

Gang Hours Update

Billy 114 work pier 14 8-12,1-5 to finish (1)
Johnny B 120 work WD 8-12,1-5,6-10+ meal (3)
Jimmy B 112 Autos 1-5-6-9 to finish Dispatched Harvey’s in a.m.
Wayne D 115 Trailers 8-12,1-6,6-10 to finish (2)
Gus F 124 work WD 8-12,1-5,6-10 + meal (4)

I.L.A. Strong Global Power!
LSPU Strong NL Power!
Hours as forecasted Sunday Night September 15 2019

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