1500 Dispatch March 20 2020

For weekend work

Oceanex Sanderling Sunday

call Vessel report 1700 Saturday for confirmation of start time. 

Trailers 18 +2 Brother Wayne D will hire.

1 WD Gang Brother Gus F will hire.

11 pm Start Sunday night:

Autos 18+10 Brother Chris D will hire.

Hire will be as per phone dispatch and job confirmation on Dispatch tape.  Make self available to respective foreman’s and outside cards make self available to Union President and inside cards make self available to both Union President and Gang Foreman.  Phone Dispatch will be used minimum next 3 weeks and will be re-evaluated at that time.  This is in practice of social distancing.


Please find below authoritative Government of Canada information on COVID-19. This link is updated daily as advice changes. Check regularly for up-to-date information.


Thank you

Luc Brisebois
A/Director General, Marine Safety and Security
Transport Canada

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