1500 Dispatch March 24 2020

No Work Orders to report.  

Sent to Management & Safety:

  • Does the SJSA have a pandemic response plan? Has it been updated with the latest information about COVID-19?
  • Are workers strongly encouraged to remain home with pay? if they have a fever or experience symptoms of respiratory infection?
  • Has the SJSA reviewed the environmental/custodial cleaning practices to determine if additional measures, such as extra cleaning of hard surfaces, are required for COVID-19?
  • What is the kill-rate for pathogens of the current disinfectant(s) used in the workplace? Does the current product kill the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2?
  • How long must a disinfectant remain wet on a surface to kill the coronavirus? Do the surfaces require rinsing after disinfecting?
  • Has the SJSA identified areas of the workplace that require extra cleaning (for example, door handles, phones, elevator buttons, sinks, water fountains)?
  • Have workers received information and training on how to protect themselves from COVID-19?
  • In addition to signage, does the SJSA plan on standardizing  screening visitors and clients before they enter the workplace to determine if they might be carrying the virus?
  • When will the SJSA limit entry points or implement a single-entry point to the workplace?
  • Does the SJSA plan on providing frontline workers with personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  • If workers are required to wear or use PPE, have they received training on the care, use and limitations of the equipment, materials or protective devices? (Ask for training records.)
  • What is the current stock of PPE?  We’ve been told multiple times there isn’t any? Essential?
  • If the workplace is required to remain open during a pandemic, how will the SJSA handle staffing shortages or PPE shortages?
  • Are used cars (because someone said they are essential) disinfected? Before our workers have to put them on the boat? How about new ones?

Please advise.


Chris Gosse


LSPU (I.L.A.) Local 1953

St. John’s, NL



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