1630 Dispatch June 01, 2020

Update Gang Hours & lineup for dispatch

Billy J 939 work trailers Sanderling 8-12,1-3 to finish (2)
Johnny B 950 WD 1 Sanderling 8-12,1-5,6-9 Guess + meal hour from May 26,2020 goes to low WD gang determined as past practice as per 7:01 b in collective agreement (4)
Jimmy B 938 work autos 8-12 to finish minus meal hour as per 7:01b last week (1)
Wayne D 935 work pier 14 8-12,1-5 ordered back in the morning
Gus F 946 work WD 2 8-12,1-5,6-8,9? guess (3)

Dispatch system will send text 4:30 pm

Oceanex Connaigra

Trailers 18+1 Johnny B

3WD Gangs. Jimmy B, Billy J, Gus F

Please reply to Dispatch System text.

Oceanex Yard

3 FL Operators please make self available to union presidents cell.


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