1630 Dispatch April 08,2021

No work orders to report.

IMPORTANT (Nomination/Election) NOTICE
(As per Article XIII section 1. Of I.L.A. Constitution & Article IX of Local 1953 By-Laws)
Nomination Meeting for Election of Executive Officers
April 15,2021 7 p.m. Union Hall (687 Water St.)
Nomination’s for Executive Officer’s
• President
• (2) Vice President’s (1 East Coast, 1 West Coast)
• Secretary Treasurer
• (2) Recording Secretaries (1 East Coast,1 West Coast)
• Trustee’s (5 positions)
• Audit Committee (3 Rank &File Members)
• Sergeant at Arms (Non-Executive Position)
• Election Committee
Term of Office June 01,2021-June 01,2023

  • Please be advised that you have to make sure the Union has an updated mailing address for you so the election committee can make sure they can mail you a ballot to the proper mailing address. So if you’ve moved since the stewards collected your mailing address it is advisable to contact the union and give them your updated mailing address.

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