1630 Dispatch October 21,2021

1630 Dispatch October 21,2021

Oceanex Avalon for 8 am
3 WD gangs Brother Jimmy B, Brother Johnny B & Brother Gus F will hire at Oceanex at 8 am.

Oceanex Yard
2 TL operators Brother Michael Yetman will hire at Oceanex at 8 am.

Harvey’s Marine Base (Salt Pile)
For 8 am
For Salt Tarp installation

-7 General Stevedores Brother Harold M will hire at pier 14 at 8 am.
-7 General Stevedores Brother David Cantwell will hire at Pier 14 at 8 am.
( One loader operator required if not Matt it will have to be Justin.)

-Any temp cards not showing in the morning who do not have legitimate reason for missing will be revoked!!!

Notice: -General Union Meeting 7 pm tonight 687 Water Street 2 Nd Floor.

LSPU ILA Strong Global Power!!!

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