1700 Saturday Vessel Report June 25,2022

1700 Saturday Vessel Report June 25,2022

All gangs hired for Oceanex Connaigra are to report for work at 8am Sunday.

*As of now we understand that 1 crane will be down in the morning at Oceanex, WD3 will help on autos and take over autos at noon if crane isn’t up at that time. The determination of who works with 2 nd 6 man Gang & 2 FL Operators at pier 14 Monday will be made based on what happens with Oceanex crane.

-Brother Johnny B gang ordered back to pier 14 for 1 pm tomorrow. 8 am pier 14 Monday.
-2 nd 6 Man Gang and & 2 FL Operators will be required to start 8 am Monday Pier 14.

LSPU ILA Strong Global Power!!!

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